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Santa Barbara rally calls for impeachment



State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson had harsh words for President Trump at a pro-impeachment rally on Tuesday Night.

"No one can tell the Congress of the United States that they are not allowed to subpoena him. Who the hell the does he think he is?," said Jackson.

This was one the largest rallies and marches along the coast.

Chris Hamilton of Santa Barbara said it made her feel supported

"A gathering of people reminds us that we aren't sitting alone at home with our fury or whatever we are feeling. "

Some people changed the words to Christmas carols and sang, "We wish you a good impeachment, we wish you a good impeachment."

The controversial signs included one that put a mustache on the likeness of the president with the word Twittler rather than Hitler.

But the signs are not likely to change minds.

California Republican Party treasurer Greg Gandrud said, "We think Salud Carbajal and other members of Congress should try to work with President Trump to improve health care,and create more jobs, and fix social security rather than continue this sham of so-called impeachment."

Some longtime Republican lawmakers opposed to this impeachment supported Bill Clinton's impeachment that led to an acquittal in the Senate.

Trump could be acquitted in 2020.

Historian Adam Parison said, "If we see evidence of crimes being committed by the President, power being abused, then it is not about party, it is not about the person, it is not about their political views, it's about-- has this person abused their power?"

As the holidays approach people are likley to have loved ones for and against impeachment.

They can agree to disagree to keep the peace and to support the right to free speech.

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Tracy Lehr

Tracy Lehr is a reporter and the weekend anchor of KCOY|KEYT|KKFX.



  1. “Hey so there was a guy who got kicked out of our military for coke charges, then got a job in your country and made 4 million dollars”

    “Is he Ukrainian?”


    “Does he speak Ukranian?”

    “Not that I know of”

    “What were his qualifications?”


    “Waite, isnt his Dad running for president?”


    “Sounds totally kosher to me… You on the other had should be fired for even asking”

    And this sounds legit to the people holding the signs?… Smh… U guys know other countries laugh at us right?… Here’s why^

    P.S. Yang 2020

  2. Dems brought in 17 witnesses to impeach Trump and not one would say they had personal knowledge that the president did anything wrong. It was all hearsay.
    Roll the credits “THE END”
    You lost the election,get over it.
    May the good time keep rolling on.
    Thank you Mr. President

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