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Fraud linked to California’s Unemployment Department may hit eight billion dollars and expands to other states

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Our series of Tipline reports about fraud in California’s unemployment system indicates the loss to taxpayers could hit a staggering eight billion dollars. Some law enforcement officials have already confirmed the fraud has been linked to prisoners at every jail and prison in California. That massive and complex investigation is underway… Continue Reading

New light shed on mystery of electrified Montecito home

Trev Broudy has become an expert of sorts on the interaction between electricity and copper plumbing. For several months, he's been on a mission to figure out why his home on the 100 block of Middle Road in Montecito has been electrified and why the tap water inside his home has dangerously high levels of copper. He's frustrated why so many 'experts' have not been able to figure it out.… Continue Reading

Montecito mystery has homeowner charged up

MONTECITO, Calif. - Trev Broudy looks back to February, 2019 when his Golden Retriever nearly died as the first indication something was wrong. He said the dog was anemic and losing weight. He spent about $15,000 on vet bills trying to help her but no one could figure it out, until one veterinarian suggested possible… Continue Reading

Tipline Investigation: 101 year old fights with insurance company to stay in her home

One of the toughest battlegrounds in the fight against COVD-19 has played out at senior living facilities. Outbreaks can sweep through killing dozens of residents. Yet, for many seniors they are at home where they feel safe. So, imagine the difficult situation they would face if their insurance company cancelled their long term care coverage in the middle of the pandemic under questionable circumstances.… Continue Reading

“Never seen fraud of this magnitude” Massive unemployment benefits scam may involve every jail and prison in California

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Some Santa Barbara County jail inmates appear to be part of a statewide fraud scheme bilking hundreds of millions of dollars in state unemployment benefit payments. Santa Barbara County Assistant District Attorney Brian Cota joined more than 100 law enforcement officials from across the state on a Zoom call to discuss… Continue Reading
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