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Traditional in-person voters made their mark as well in a vote-by-mail election

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - In a vote-by-mail statewide election, many Santa Barbara County voters wanted to cast their ballot in a traditional way.

They showed up at a polling place, checked in, got a ballot and proceeded to make their choices on the spot.

Voter Kristine Pilkington said, "I like to vote in person. I like to know I am there and part of the voting process and walk in and I like to tell them who I am and they acknowledge who I am.   I get my ballot and fill it out and put it in the box."

Outside of the polling places of the county election drop boxes many people were engaged in the election either directly by voting or just in conversation.

Voter Greg Falzon said he took his time and did not vote early. "You want to do all your research and you want to make sure you make the best decisions for Santa Barbara our schools and our children."

Joe Holland, the Santa Barbara County Clerk, Recorder, Assessor and Chief of Elections said, "the thing about this ballot is you've gotta remember there 's no propositions on it. It's just offices  and that's per state law because they want all the propositions in November ballot."

The ballot was 17 inches long.

Convenience was the key for this election. Voters had many ways to cast their ballots and deliver it to the elections office. The easiest way for most people was a normal U.S. Postal Service mail box.

It is still to be determined how many ballots are let to be counted based on what was turned on election day.

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