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Santa Barbara - South County

Available rental units needed to make Emergency Housing Voucher Program work

Landlords with available units needed to make Emergency Housing Voucher Program work
Housing Authority
Tracy Lehr

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--Usually landlords are looking for tenants, but this summer the search is on for landlords willing to take Emergency Housing Vouchers to help people experiencing homelessness.

Thanks to the Amercan Rescue Plan Act communities up and down the coast are receiving Emergency Housing Vouchers.

The vouchers offer near market value money for rent. The voucher amounts range include $1,296 for a single room, $2,015 for a one bedroom unit, $2,600 for a two bedroom unit and $4,485 for a five bedroom.

The county of Santa Barbara received 215 vouchers, while the city fo Santa Barbara received 89.

The CEO of the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara said they got them July 1.

"We are going through the eligibility process right now, so we can issue the vouchers and so what we really need are landlords that have units, " said Rob Fredericks.

Landlords should give them a call at (805)897-1010 or email

Landlords in the county may also call (805)737-6188 or email or email

"Any landlord throughout the south coast throughout the entire county can participate and be part of the solution of helping to house those who are currently houseless." said Fredericks.

It isn't easy reaching a landlord by phone as a majority of the listings are handled by property management companies.

The city of Santa Barbara recently offered temporary hotel stays to people experiencing homelessness in fire prone areas, but when the pilot program ends in a few months they hope the Emergency Housing Voucher Program can help people find a more permanent living situation. City Net is operating the program.

The vouchers come with 3 years of supportive services for the voucher holder.

Social worker and City Net spokesperson Chelsea Bowers said, "You are wrapped around with support as a landlord and you're gonna be building a healthy community for yourself and neighbors longterm."

Bowers said many people in the bridge housing program at the Rose Garden Inn could benefit from the vouchers.

There are also incentives for landlords including signing bonuses, security deposits, and mitigation insurance.

The lack of housing in California is in the millions. Each city hopes to chip away at the problem by matching people in need of housing to landlords willing to be part of the solution.

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