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Santa Barbara’s Kids’ World reopens after two-week renovations

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Kids and their parents can now go back to one of Santa Barbara’s biggest playgrounds.

Kids’ World is in Alameda Park is just a couple of blocks north of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. It is the largest playground area in Santa Barbara. It has 10,000 square feet. The playground is 28-year-old and mainly made of wood filled with slides, swings and obstacles to keep kids entertained for hours.

Santa Barbara’s Parks and Recreation Department closed Kids’ World for two weeks last month for renovations. The playground was closed from Nov. 16 to Nov. 30.  

In a statement, the department wrote, “Every couple of years, we need to apply a sealant to the wood to help prevent water damage and rot. The sealant, which is safe to touch and be around once it’s dry, will extend the life of the play structures at Kids’ World.”

Murray Adams tried to bring his kids after school to the playground. He said, “Two days ago after school wanted to get the energy out of the kids and we saw the fencing up. And so we were a little disappointed.”

Wednesday kids were bouncing back into playtime at Santa Barbara’s biggest play structure. It’s a favorite among Santa Barbara’s youngest community members.

Camilia and her new fast-friend Leeko played together on the swings. Camilia said, “Swings [are my favorite]. And playing with a lot of friends.”

Leeko added, “I like when my dad pushes me on the swing. It’s really fun. Whaaaa, sheeeeesh, fast!”

The city spent $7,500 power washing the playground, resealing and refurbishing the wood structure and adding new wood chips. City workers said maintenance is needed at the playground every three years or so to maintain the wood.

Tammy Riveria brought her grandkids to Kids' World. She said, “I think it’s gorgeous and big. And we’ve been here for a few hours today already. We just had lunch but we’ll be here for the evening.”

Lori Ramirez drove her kids to the playground from Ventura. “It’s worth paying almost five dollars a gallon to come up here and get out of the house and let the kids run around and play.," said Ramirez.

The next playground due for upgrades is the Westside Neighborhood Center, which will get a brand new structure early next year.

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