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Santa Barbara Airbus services rolling again on the South Coast

GOLETA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara Airbus has relaunched its service after it was sidelined because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bus service is popular for those heading to Los Angeles International Airport.

The headquarters are in Goleta with a departure spot there and multiple stops throughout Santa Barbara and Carpinteria.

The ribbon cutting event Thursday morning was under a colorful arch of balloons.

Each bus goes through complete COVID safety and cleanliness compliance procedures.

A special morning ribbon cutting with the South Coast Chamber of Commerce kicked off the renewed service.

Chamber CEO Kristin Miller said at the entrance to the Airbus office, "it's businesses like yours who have stayed together and stayed the course and pulled us in to this recovery that we are all so ready for."

Normally ribbon cutting events have 50 people around she said. Because of the pandemic rules, it was kept smaller, but still marked the special time for the economic upswing.

Goleta City Councilmember  James Kyriaco said,  "this business, the Santa Barbara Airbus, is a critical part  of making our economy go.  I am so glad they have been able to survive.  I don't quite know how you did it."

He also said, the Airbus has endured many challenges in recent years. "This has been a business that's been around through thick and thin."

He also referenced the location for the bus service on Technology Avenue a few blocks off Hollister is a good fit. "It can be done. Old Town Goleta and Goleta proper is a good  place to do business."

The airbus also provides group services for special events and sports games including trips to Dodger Stadium, which were a regular part of the seasonal transportation plan.

Airbus owner Eric Onnen, a former city councilmember, says trips to Dodger games will likely start up soon. "We have a loyal group of customers that went with us frequently  and they have been on the sideline for over a year wanting to do something. We will get them out there soon." said Onnen.

Santa Barbara Airbus can be contacted at (805) 964-7759 or toll-free at (800) 423-1618

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