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Santa Maria - Lompoc - North County

Santa Maria, Orcutt businesses react to June 15 reopening date

Dish Latino in Santa Maria, CA
Brayton Metzger/KEYT

SANTA MARIA, Calif. -- Governor Newsom announced on Tuesday new plans to fully reopen the California economy by June 15.

Business owners in Santa Maria and Orcutt reacted to the announcement with cautious optimism.

"People are getting the vaccine now, people are more confident to go out," said Rene Solis, owner of Dish Latino in Santa Maria.

Chrystal Trenado, co-owner of Cubanissimo in Orcutt, was most excited to potentially bring back more events in her restaurant.

"It's been a pretty wild last year and we would love to have our salsa lessons back in here, live music, comedy nights"

California businesses have faced various levels of restrictions since the first COVID-19 shutdown in March of 2020.

Sabin Brock, owner of Captive Hearts Tattoo in Santa Maria, is happy to see the community begin to open but hopes everyone remembers what got us to this point.

"Understanding how to mindfully and collectively impact your community as it reopens," he said, "that would be beneficial not just for the individual but for the community as a whole."

The reopening announcement will not impact businesses that much now, but the future is looking brighter.

"Hopefully our entire community can keep doing the things we need to do to meet that date," said Trenado, "but also continue past that date and not have us end up right back where we're at now."

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Brayton Metzger

I am a photographer, videographer, and occasionally a multimedia journalist for KEYT in Santa Barbara.

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