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Lompoc police reports arrest of multiple gang members

Lompoc Gang Arrest
Lompoc Police Department

LOMPOC, Calif. -- Lompoc police arrested multiple alleged gang members within the months of October and November.

Lompoc police arrested them at different times within the months of October and November.

These arrests are linked to the rise in gun and gang related crimes throughout the City.

The following are the arrests made throughout the City.

The first arrest was on October 13 at around 9:53 p.m., Lompoc police responded reports of gunshots fired in the area of 700 block of North D Street in Lompoc.

At arrival police officers found evidence of a shooting that happened. During their search of the area, officers made contact with a group of alleged gang members. Police found that a 16 year old member of the group had possession of a loaded revolver. The 16 year old was arrested on scene.

On October 26 at around 2:58 p.m., Lompoc police were following up on an investigation into a shooting that happened on October 25. Officers located a group of alleged gang members in the area of the 600 block of West Maple Avenue in Lompoc. The group dispersed when police made contact. A 15 year old suspect was found to be carrying a sawed off shotgun and a loaded handgun. The 15 year old was arrested for several firearm related charges.

On November 1 at around 9:07 p.m., Lompoc police were involved in a car pursuit that started on the 400 block of North K Street in Lompoc. The pursuit ended in the 800 block of North H Street. Police say four alleged gang members attempted to flee from the car. The driver of the car was able to evade arrest. An 18 year old man and two teens were arrested on scene. In their investigation, police found that the passengers of the car discarded a loaded gun during the pursuit. The 18 year old man was booked for numerous gang related firearm charges.

Lompoc police say the driver involved in this incident is still outstanding.

On November 5 at around 3:12 a.m., Lompoc police performed a traffic stop on a reported stolen car on the 800 block of North G Street. Two people inside the car fled when police made contact. Officers located a 17 year old alleged gang member who they believed to be one of the people in the stopped car. Officers found a loaded handgun after searching the abandoned car. The teen was arrested on scene.

On November 6 at around 3:39 p.m., Lompoc police responded to reports of shots fired on the 600 block of North 4th Street in Lompoc. Officers arrived and in there investigation, found a suspect and car description. Later that day officers located the suspect's car on the 200 block of East Pine Avenue. Officers then identified the driver to be a 27 year old man. Inside the car were two other teens. Police say they were all documented gang members. Officers attempted a traffic stop on the car but the man led police on a pursuit. The pursuit finally ended on the 400 block of North K/L alley. Police arrested a 17 year old teen for resisting arrest. The 27 year old man was able to flee the area in the car. Later on November 9, officers located the man and arrested him in connection to the shooting and felony car pursuit.

On November 11 at around 11:04 p.m., Lompoc police responded to the 500 block of North M Street for reports of shots fired. Officers then located evidence of a shooting. Officers on scene contacted an 18 year old alleged gang member and a 15 year old alleged gang member. Officer did a search and found them to be in possession of loaded handguns. In their investigation, police found that the victim tired to transport himself to a San Luis Obispo hospital after receiving a non-life threatening gunshot wound. Both alleged gang members were arrested for numerous gang related firearm charges including assault with a deadly weapon.

On Monday at around 2:40 a.m., Lompoc police attempted to stop a car on the 400 block of North M Street for a traffic violation. The car then fled the area. Officers were able to locate the car on the 300 block of South K Street. Shortly after, officers also found a 17 year old suspect in the area. Officers found that the teen was the driver of the car and found them to be holding a loaded handgun. The teen was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and possession of a firearm.

Lompoc police have investigated at least 10 confirmed shootings in Lompoc and confiscated a total of 15 firearms.

*** The photos are in no particular order.

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