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Cal Poly grad and astronaut Victor Glover speaks with Black engineering students from the International Space Station

Victor Glover
Astronaut Victor Glover speaks with Cal Poly students Tuesday morning from the International Space Station. (Zoom/Cal Poly NSBE)

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. -- Cal Poly graduate and astronaut Victor Glover spoke with students from his alma mater today while aboard the International Space Station.

The 1999 alum answered questions from students in the school's chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

For more than 20 minutes during a Zoom meeting, Glover provided advice, offered support and spoke about how his time on the Central Coast helped propel him into space.

He also had a little fun, at times speaking while upside down and floating around his cabin.

When asked about his future career goals, Glover indicated it's about helping inspire the next generation of engineering and aerospace students.

"I have already achieved more than I could ever dream," said Glover. "It's why I tell people to dream big because I didn't dream big enough when I was young. I have done more t han I ever thought I would do. I don't have anymore professional goals, or if I do, my professional goals are about you, are about helping you succeed, and making sure you have the experience, the advice, or just somebody to listen to you and and tell me what you think you're going to do with the future and how you're going to get there."

Cal Poly NSBE President Amman Asfaw was one of many students that said after the meeting how thrilled they were to speak with Glover and the inspiration he provided.

"This moment and this meeting kind of brings everything full circle," said Asfaw. "I think it really encapsulates and summarizes NSBE, and the whole point of NSBE, and what our purpose is because one of the missions and the whole point of NSBE is to get to people to where Victor is now. The fact that Victor is where he is now, professionally and physically in space, shows that one, we have accomplished that goal of literally launching someone into the upper echelons, but two, the fact that he decided to reach back to us and makes sure that he brings more with him up there into the upper echelons of the world and society, that is what NSBE is about."

Glover launched into space aboard SpaceX Dragon capsule in mid-November.

He's now working aboard the International Space Station during a six-month stint and is scheduled to return to Earth in the spring.

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