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Look for the Helpers: Wedding ring lost and found, hospital flyover

As our area is faced with ongoing changes due to a growing pandemic, we are bringing stories of people doing good in the community during a time of uncertainty.

Help us look for the helpers!

Ring Recovery

A Santa Barbara woman has been reunited with her wedding ring thanks to a helper.

Last week, Kacie Fowle took off her wedding rings to put on sunscreen and left her rings in her beach chair.

When she left the beach, she realized her rings were gone!

She searched for hours, but only found her wedding band, not the diamond ring.

Fowle put out an SOS on Facebook and a a man who she's never met said he would look for it with his metal detector. On Saturday, Fowle sent him a photo and a location of where the ring was lost. A short time later, the man named Anthony, texted her a picture of him holding her ring.

"I just started crying. I couldn't believe it. How do you find a diamond ring in the middle of a beach," Fowle said. "I wanted to give him a hug so bad, I gave him an air hug from so far away. We kept our distance he handed over the ring to me"

Fowle is a photographer who is out of work because of COVID-19 and Anthony wouldn't accept a reward.

Hospital Flyover

A team of pilots flying military trainer air planes flew over several local hospitals to pay tribute to hospital workers.

The Camarillo Rebels lead by pilot Michael Maloco of Montecito flew over Santa Barbara and Goleta Valley Cottage Hospitals on Saturday.

The pilots also did a flyover for Saint John's Hospital in Oxnard.

The pilots say it was their way of saying thank you to all health care workers for their work to keep us healthy.

Salon Patine made a fun Instagram video called the 'Pass the Brush Challenge.'

You can see all of the fun before-and-afters.

The salon, located on State Street, has been forced to temporarily shut its doors because of COVID-19.

The owners say it's been a difficult time but they made the video as a way to stay connected with their clients and hopefully make them smile. The video is made up of stylists, owners, assistants and a receptionist. The salon is offering curbside pickup for products.

Follow them on Instagram for more info.

Know of any other helpers making a difference during these trying times? Send Alys an email and let her know!

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Alys Martinez

Alys Martinez is a reporter and anchor at NewsChannel 3-12. To learn more about Alys, click here.

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