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Out-of-town visitors are gathering at San Luis Obispo County beaches, but maintaining physical distancing

Pismo Beach goers
Several groups are visiting Pismo Beach from out of town during the Shelter at Home order.

PISMO BEACH, Calif - Several out-of-town beachgoers are visiting Pismo Beach, but maintaining physical distancing.

Concerns over those going to the beach have been mounting on social media after a warm weekend. However, San Luis Obispo County officials say beachgoers are being responsible.

We observed several groups on the beach of varied sizes, ranging from two people all the way up to 10 people.

Every person we talked to on the beach said they are from out of town, from Fresno, Bakersfield, and even San Bernardino.

Many of them said they are not working right now and wanted to take a day trip or vacation.

Others said they looking to enjoy the hot weather, but many parks, lakes or hiking areas are closed around where they live.

The county says they are monitoring hotel data and the beaches visually, and have consistent beach patrols.

Beachgoers say that they are staying safe, and are not concerned.

"Everyone is doing the social distancing." said Eloisa Lopez Diaz, on a day trip from Fresno. "Only probably families are being together but everyone else is just keeping the distance."

"I'm feeling pretty good," said Lazaro Reyes, a part of a different group from Fresno. As for being concerned about the coronavirus, he said "I feel like it's just something people over-exaggerate."

While officials are encouraging people to get outside, many of them are encouraging them to do so in their own neighborhood or close to home.

Pismo Beach officials said they did not give any citations this weekend. They said everyone was social distancing.

The city reduced parking to one hour only.

Port San Luis has enforced social distancing at Avila, Fisherman’s and Olde Port beaches. Only walking is permitted.

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Anikka Abbott

Anikka Abbott is a reporter for KEYT | KCOY | KKFX.


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  1. Well this is just a flat-out lie. There are multiple videos showing that social-distancing was NOT happening in Pismo Beach this last weekend.

    The line around Splash Cafe was long and no 6 foot markings or folks making any effort to maintain 6 ft distances.

    Don’t lie, news. We live here and we know the truth.

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