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San Luis Obispo County

Cal Poly students build space rover

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A group of Cal Poly seniors created a space rover for their class project.

Engineering students at Cal Poly have completed an autonomous robotic "Rover" that can see and maneuver on its own.

It is nicknamed "Herbie" and it is inspired and modeled after NASA's mars rover "Curiosity".

"Having it go from just words on a screen or part of your program to a tangible, physical effect is absolutely amazing," said Ryan Ozawa, a Cal Poly student involved in the project.

The Cal Poly rover project has spanned three years with multiple teams of engineering students working on it in stages.

"I consider myself a creative person so its kind of cool being able to express myself creatively and use what I learned at cal poly to work on robotics," said Cameron Priest, another Cal Poly student involved with the project.

Cal Poly students are working on the next rover design that will include a mechanical arm with advanced capability.

Graduating seniors are looking for jobs with NASA, Boeing and Elon Musk's Space X corporation.

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