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City of Santa Barbara looking for solution to solve public drunkenness on Milpas Street

SANTA BARBARA, Calif — Residents and property owners on Santa Barbara's Milpas Street have a common complaint they say is ruining the neighborhood: public drunkenness.

Complaints of people sitting outside liquor stores and restaurants drinking and leaving behind trash are made regularly by residents.

The Santa Barbara City Attorney’s Office is currently looking into alternatives to reduce these complaints. The current target is cracking down on liquor sales.

There are 34 locations on Milpas Street with liquor sales licenses. Earlier this month, comments were made during a public hearing to potentially block a CVS in the area from getting a liquor sales license. 

The City is evaluating compromises, including possibly banning the sales of alcohol often linked to public drunkenness on Milpas Street. The two main types under consideration are mini liquor bottles, called nips, and single sale large malt liquor cans and bottles.

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