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Fire stations up-staff in preparation for windy weather

Fire stations prepare for wind event
Fire danger sign in Montecito
Tracy Lehr / NewsChannel 3-12

MONTECITO, Calif. - The flags at the Montecito Fire Protection District were not waving Monday afternoon, but that could change with wind in the forecast.

The Montecito fire danger sign had its wooden arrow pointing to moderate fire danger on San Ysidro Lane due to dry conditions, but they could point the arrow to high when windy conditions arrive.

Battalion Chief Travis Ederer said while one area has calm winds, another could have strong winds.

Public Safety Power Shutoffs also known as PSPS are intended to prevent fires caused by downed power lines.

Warnings have been issued in nearby areas including Carpinteria, Summerland and parts of Ventura County.

Ederer said it's likely to be a strong downslope wind event known as Santa Ana winds rather than sundowners caused by offshore winds.

"This event is actually more Santa Ana-related than sundowner-related, so it is driven by a little different force and we are just not seeing it yet."

They are already increasing staffing to be prepared.

"Here in Santa Barbara County we are really proactive with up-staffing in these events, and here in Montecito we are bringing on two additional fire engines tonight plus an additional chief officer, another Battalion Chief, so we will be up-staffed through actually Wednesday morning. Same with Santa Barbara County and Carpinteria and many other resources and agencies in the county."

The Battalion Chief recommends people living in wind-prone areas pay attention to the weather warnings.

The winds should pick up while most people are sleeping.

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