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San Luis Obispo County

San Luis Obispo City Firefighters respond to fire and heavy smoke in Las Brisas Senior Living Home

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San Luis Obispo City Fire on Twitter
San Luis Obispo City Firefighters responded to a structure fire in the SLO Senior Living Center at Las Brisas.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - San Luis Obispo City Fire received an alarm about a structure fire at the San Luis Obispo Senior Living Home at Las Brisas Wednesday morning.

The alarm was sent at about 9:37 a.m. Firefighters responded to the facility at the 1200 block of Briarwood Drive where they found heavy smoke buildup on the third floor, but no fire.

Firefighters evacuated the third floor and had residents on the first, second, and fourth floors shelter in place while they investigated.

Fire crews found that the fire originated from a laundry room on the third floor. On Twitter, the fire department clarified that the fire was started by a dryer unit.

The firefighters then employed mitigation techniques to clear the building of smoke and ensure that residents could move back into their rooms. This process began about 40 minutes from the alarm going off.

There were no injuries sustained as a result of this fire.

The San Luis Obispo City Fire Department would like to remind everyone that, even when a fire has been extinguished, heavy smoke can cause injuries too. Evacuation can also be difficult for facilities like senior living homes.

Always remember to clean the lint out from dryers and make sure that combustible materials are not kept near high heat sources such as fires or dryers.

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