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Gov. Newsom’s $286 billion budget plans to expand healthcare access to undocumented immigrants

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – Governor Gavin Newsom announced his proposed $286 billion-dollar budget.

Expanded healthcare is one part of Governor Newsom's proposed *$286 billion-dollar* budget.

With this multi-billion dollar plan, Governor Gavin Newsom plans to expand healthcare access to all low income californians.

Earlier this week governor newsom announced a proposed $286 *billion* dollar budget, he plans to expand healthcare coverage to low income californians, including undocumented immigrants. 

The governor said the cost of this plan is approximately 2.2 billion dollars. 

This healthcare plan did bring some mixed reactions locally. 

Some people say that this is not a good move as this could bring more undocumented people to the state of California.

While others say this will benefit the undocumented people and all low income Californians as they will have access to healthcare. 

“The families we are talking about are living paycheck to paycheck because again, the pandemic we are living in,” said local organization CAUSE advocate Rebeca Garcia.

“That is just totally not true,” said California Republican Treasurer Greg Gandrud. “You know, I think that’s a Democrat talking point. The fact is if you’re willing to pay the doctor for the doctor’s services, anybody can go to the doctor.”

If this plan is approved, this is set to begin on January 2024.

The proposal could also change as Governor Newsom negotiates with lawmakers in Sacramento.

Right now, undocumented immigrants under the age of 26 are eligible for Medi-Cal. Those who are over the age of 50 will be eligible in May.

To view the budget summary, click here.

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