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The smell of marijuana on a local high school campus comes from growers, not smokers

Parents dropping their teens off at Carpinteria High School can smell it, so can the students and teachers.

It is marijuana grown legally in greenhouses on property nearby.

“Recently I was dropped off and my mom and me, we both smelled this very skunky smell, but I’m pretty sure it was the weed,” said Kevin Locklear.

Senior Kevin Locklear said the smell seems to be strongest in the morning.

“I think it doesn’t matter to me, but it really bothers a lot of other people. It is a smell that smells like skunk, really it is not a really pleasing smell. They should make a windmill so it blows somewhere else and not in our school,” said Locklear.

Carpinteria High School Principal Gerardo Cornejo said he gets emails from parents upset about the smell.

When a student complains of getting headaches from the smell, he said he sends them home.

Santa Barbara County Public Health officer Charity Dean hopes to be able to track illnesses.

“Anyone who believes they are experiencing an adverse health effect from cannibus either the smell in the air or personal use should see a health care provider should get a diagnosis and treatment as people see their health care provider we will have a stronger sense of what the health effects will be for our community,” said Dr. Dean.

Educators said they would rather the school be known for academics and Warrior athletics and not the smell of the soon-to-be-legal cash crop.

David Pennington is an after school program specialist who said he concerned about at risk kids.

“To have that come and be maybe a temptation for them and it could be a trigger for them an it is unfortunate that that is something we have to worry about,” said Pennington.

Politicians have talked about regulating the distance pot can be grown near schools.

The school is in the city of Carpinteria and the greenhouses are in the county, so parents said politicians will have to work together.

Santa Barbara County supervisors are scheduled to discuss recreational marijuana use at their Nov. 14, meeting.

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