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Tests reveal lead in water at elementary schools in Goleta Union School District

New hydration stations are going in at all 9 schools in the Goleta Unified School District after voluntary testing revealed low levels of lead in several water taps.

New test results show Ellwood School had 6 contaminated faucets, Hollister School had 4, Foothill and Mountain View both had 2, which all tested with higher than “normal” lead levels.

All of the water taps were pulled out immediately, according to Superintendent Donna Lewis.

“We did find some slightly elevated levels at several of our schools. We are continuing with water testing and we want to test every drinking tap at every school,” said Lewis.

The remaining schools showed no lead during random tests, but now every drinking tap will be tested.

“It’s a little scary, if that’s the case in school. But, if they are looking and correcting these things, that’s a good thing,” said Foothill parent Jonathan Klamkin, whose son is in first grade.

“I think it’s a great step. The fact that they were proactive about testing, I’m sure with this school district it’s not going to stop there,” said Foothill parent Steve Schapansky. “If they found something that’s harmful, they’re gonna be ahead of the game and work on it.”

The new hydration stations will be installed in all schools by January 2018.

Lewis said the district is way ahead of new legislation just signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Assembly Bill 746 will require all school sites in California to conduct lead testing by no later than July 1, 2019.

“I think it’s excellent legislation, Lewis said. “It’s long overdue and our district didn’t wait for that.”

The results are measured in parts per billion or ppb. Any water from taps measuring above 15 ppb is considered a “fail”.

Test results from the five remaining schools are expected to be completed in a few months.

To view all current results click here.

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