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Get Socked Up: Owner hopes community will support local business as sales drop during pandemic


SANTA MARIA, Calif. - It’s one of the newest stores at the Santa Maria Town Center Mall.

"I open my business in November on the 12th … and I was so excited to
actually have my own business and be working for myself," said owner Jesse White of Get Socked Up.

The owner says business was going well for awhile.

"It's very popular with the teens and the families … just pretty much
everybody loves the variety that we have," said White.

In addition to the hundreds of different kinds of socks, Get Socked Up
also offered new jobs.

"I was very excited to work there because we’ve never had a sock store
Anywhere here because it’s a pretty unique store," said general manager Kristi Rivera of Get Socked Up.

Managers say they've seen sales drop significantly since the return of the indoor mask mandate.

"Yeah since this last announcement we’ve seen a 50% decline in sales," said White.

Last week, White said he sold less than $85 worth of merchandise on a single day.

"It’s very hard because I depend on Job to make a living … to pay my student
loans … to pay stuff I may need," said Rivera.

That sales decrease isn't being seen everywhere at the mall, though.

Managers at Kevin Jeweler say their sales have been steady.

But at Get Socked Up, White said unless business picks up soon, he worries he'll have to close by December.

"I would really like to see the community come out and support the small businesses
… and shop small businesses … because if the small businesses aren’t seeing
the customers coming out … and the community supporting them … then we go
away ... unique stores like Get Socked Up … and we lose an important part
of our community," said White.

NewsChannel 12 reached out to mall management to hear how overall business is going and have not heard back.

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