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Great white shark sightings happening off Santa Claus Lane

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - Great white sharks are making an April appearance off our coast.

Jon Shafter shared footage that his son, Erik, shot Sunday afternoon off Santa Claus Lane from their boat. Lots of beachgoers were out enjoying the warm, sunny day and not far offshore, a great white shark was spotted swimming right outside the surf line.

"Between there and Serena (Loon) Point we saw approximately five different animals, all in less than 15 feet of water," said Shafer.

Shafer described most of them as "juveniles" but said two appeared to be larger "young adults" about 10 feet in length. There have been a growing number of great white shark sightings closer to shore along this stretch in recent years.

Shafer shared two clips of video with NewsChannel 3-12 as a reminder to the public that these sharks are coming back closer to shore now – and a few feet longer in size than they were last year. 

"I think last year we had our first encounter that drew blood. There probably ought to be permanent signs."

Shafer also mentioned a videotaped incident showing two great white sharks eating a dolphin off the same stretch of coastline nearly one year ago.

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