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Golden Retrievers and Labrador puppies made their way through San Luis Obispo Airport

Tony Almanza / KEYT

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.- Golden Retrievers and Labrador puppies training to serve as guide dogs went through the airport to get used to the sights and sounds of a busy airport.

Puppy Raisers and their puppy started at the Alaska Airlines ticketing area then went through TSA before boarding the plane.

“It's a amazing aspect where a dog can basically help somebody, that wouldn't normally be able to travel we'll come out and help the guests as much as we can. But with guide dogs we don't need that extra person to help them out, they're basically helping us out a ton, getting the passengers to where they need to go," said John Wishmeyer, the Alaska Airlines Customer Service Manager.

There were about 10 labs and retrievers training through the airport. The puppies were rewarded for their work by the airline as they were given treats at the end.

For more information on the Guide Dogs for the Blind click here.

Tony Almanza

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