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13 candidates in the running for San Luis Obispo mayor


SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. -- The City of San Luis Obispo announced 13 validated mayoral candidates on Tuesday.

On October 5, the city council will discuss the appointment and the applications at the city council meeting.

During the meeting, the applicants will have five minutes to address the council for either or both positions and members of the public will have a chance to comment.

The following candidates for mayor and/or city councilmember are:

  • Mayor Only:
    • Erica A. Stewart
    • Jeffery Conley Specht
    • Matt Ritter
  • Mayor and Council Member:
    • Johsua Cohen
    • Mark Buchman
  • Council Member only:
    • Emily Francis
    • Joe Benson
    • Michael Draze
    • Michelle Shoresman
    • Mike Multari
    • Mila Vujovish-LaBarre
    • Robin Wolf
    • Sharon Whitney

The council will be in charge of looking at all the applicants for mayor and appoint a candidate to fill the mayor seat. When selected, the candidate will then take the oath of office.

If a seated councilmember is appointed to fill the mayor seat, the council will then have to consider applicants for the vacated council member seat. The council will appoint a candidate to take the vacant councilmember seat and that person will then take the oath of office.

Heidi Harmon left office on September 21.

The city council decided on appointing the next mayor to prevent a special election that could cost $150,000 to $200,000.

For more on the 13 candidates and mayor appointment process, click here.

For information on the City Council meeting, click here to view their agenda.

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