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Quick makeover in the works for downtown Santa Barbara to allow for more spacing

A makeover is in the works for downtown Santa Barbara. (Photo: John Palminteri)
Downtown Santa Barbara
Sidewalks could be used for dining and shopping soon in Santa Barbara, with more downtown blocks cleared of cars. Pedestrians and bike riders may go where vehicles are now. (Photo: John Palminteri)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - As with many cities, the look of retail and restaurant areas in Santa Barbara will be changing to meet the spacing needs for customers and employees under the coronavirus crisis.

Downtown is one area where the shopping experience will be taking on a new look that may include more room for retail, dining, bikes, walking and an open air experience.

What you may be seeing less of... is cars.

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John Palminteri

John Palminteri is senior reporter for KEYT News Channel 3. To learn more about John, click here.

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