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Wednesday Evening Forecast June 22

It was a very eventful weather day for much of Southern California just to the east of our viewing area! Intense thunderstorms erupted last night from San Diego to LA and by this morning storms rumbled across Ventura County. This is all courtesy of a dynamic weather situation involving an area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere that slid down the coast and moisture from the remnants of what was Hurricane Blas well off the south coast of Baja drawn up into SoCal due to that low pressure circulation. To top it all off moisture from the Mexican Monsoon pushed westward. The combination of these factors and colder temperatures in the high levels of the atmosphere during the incoming warmth and moisture led to spectacular storm displays.

The weather looks like it will calm down and things should begin to clear out in the coming days and a much quieter weather pattern should begin to take hold heading into the weekend. Another warm-up is on the horizon for early next week.

Ilya Neyman


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