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First Sports Cards & Collectibles Show in Santa Barbara in over 20 years brings local sports lovers together

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - When the COVID pandemic stopped sports last spring, sport-lovers started to turn to trading cards for their fix.

This prompted a Sports Cards & Collectibles Show to take place in Santa Barbara on Saturday for the first time in 25 years.

Collectors from all over California cashed in on the opportunity to buy, sell and trade cards at Bishop Diego High School.

“It’s really cool that they’ve done this because there’s not really any card shops here, I just got into it recently,” said collector Isaac Murillo.

“I just like seeing the different stuff that you don’t see that much, you can’t have them all,” said collector Emmet Wong.

The sports and cards show is the brainchild of triplet brothers Luc, Logan and Parker Maho, all of whom have been collecting cards since they were kids.

“All sorts of cards, you got Star Wars cards, baseball cards, football cards like even racing cards, UFC cards. It’s actually crazy how much people collect,” said Sports Cards Show Co-Creator Logan Maho.

“We’ve been going to LA and there’s been nothing in Santa Barbara ever since we started collecting,” said Co-Creator Parker Maho.

And now, the entire sports trading card industry is having a comeback.

“Due to the pandemic, people were at home and didn’t have much to do and whether it be monetary reasons, people saw sports cards or cards in general as a thing to invest in," said Co-Creator Luc Maho.

The most valuable cards are rare and the ones with an autograph or piece of a players jersey can sell for thousands.

Tasty tri-tip was also available for purchase while everyone enjoyed the chance to trade cards.

“It really means a lot, not only did we help our alma matter Bishop but we get to make deals and have a great time,” said Parker Maho.

All of the proceeds from this event benefitted Bishop Diego's athletic department.

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