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Fully vaccinated? Here’s what to do with your completed card

Vaccine Card
Scott Sheahen / KEYT

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — 256,125 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Santa Barbara County. Santa Barbara County Public Health lists 160,349 people who have received their first dose. 82,749 people have received their second dose. And 12,409 people have received one dose of the Janssen vaccine.

Public Health officials show as of April 11, 21% of Santa Barbara County residents are fully vaccinated from COVID-19. That means their COVID-19 Vaccination Report Cards have either two doses filed out of the Moderna or Pzifer-BioTech vaccine or one dose of the Janssen vaccine.

Nick Clay is Santa Barbara County’s Emergency Medical Services director. He said, “I’ve taken a picture [of my vaccination card] on my phone and I put it in my vault.“

Clay continued and said others should take similar steps to protect their vaccination report cards. “Your vaccination card is just like any medical document. It’s a history of the medical care you’ve received. So it’s important that you maintain that medical record, just like those little yellow cards that we used to get as kids with all of our vaccinations records in there.”

If someone loses their vaccination report card or it gets damaged Clay suggests they reach out to the county at 2-1-1 or the clinic they got vaccinated at.

Charles Fenzi is the chief medical officer and CEO at Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics. He said, “If somebody has had a shot with us, we have a record of that. And so if they have lost their card, we’ll put that, we’ll look up the record, we’ll put the lot number, etcetera, and the date on the new card for them.”

Dr. Fenzi said the best way to get a replacement card from Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics is calling 844-594-0343.

Looking forward about how the vaccine cards will be used to be able to attend events, concerts or travel, Clay said, “We’ll follow the state guidance as they come up with the plan or federal guidance if there’s a plan to do that, then we’ll follow that guidance.”

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Scott Sheahen is a reporter for NewsChannel 3-12. To learn more about Scott, click here.

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