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Ventura County

Heatwave puts pets at risk

Keeping pets cool
Tracy Lehr / KEYT


Some people with four-legged friends in distress due to the heatwave had to scramble to find care over the Labor Day Holiday.

People lined up while physical distancing outside Horizon Veterinary Specialists in Ventura early Monday morning.

One of its owners is Dr. Nancy Scott, a board certified emergency and critical care specialists.

Many people have adopted pets during the pandemic.

Dr. Scott said they have been busy since the pandemic began and have been especially busy during hot days.

"These are unseasonable hot times."

She said pets are not used to it and can suffer.

Dr. Scott said, "Have plenty of water available, the big things are heat exhaustion, heat stroke."

She recommends avoiding outdoor activities.

"The biggest thing people can do to really try to avoid issues is keep your pets indoors"

She also said hot asphalt can burn their feet.

"Even if they are used to exercising, don't exercise them in the heat just keep them indoors," said Dr. Scott.

Veterinarians also want to remind people never to leave pets in hot cars.

If pets are in distress get help.

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Tracy Lehr

Tracy Lehr is a reporter and the weekend anchor of KCOY|KEYT|KKFX.

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