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Rain brings out the potholes on local roads

Rain brings out the potholes on local roads
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Tracy Lehr / KEYT

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Even auto repair shop owners are noticing more potholes after December's downpours.

Classic Design German Car Specialist owner David Melkonian said he's hit some potholes that have even damaged his own vehicle.

Melkonian, who runs his shop off Milpas St. in Santa Barbara, said it can damage a car's suspension.

"It will take the car out of alignment, so the wheels won't go straight anymore because one of the wheels will be off."

Sometimes insurance will cover problems. He also warned of swerving to avoid them. Sometimes avoiding them can lead to car accidents.

Pickup truck owner Geoffrey Hough said, "There are still a lot of them and a lot of them after the rain."

Motorcyclist Quincy Briscoe said, "It is going to throw your balance off, it will take a wheel out from under you, so needing to avoid them causes me to move around on the lane more."

Carey Crikette has seen the damage to cars.

"It destroys your tires, the balance and the alignment, it is horrendous, and there are other ones you don't see, and you come off on them and you drop in and it almost splits the rail on your tire."

Santa Barbara County road maintenance manager Kurt Klucker said crews started the New Year plugging potholes.

Sometimes they make temporary repairs that will need more work later.

"We drain them and patch them." He said people need to look out for them before, during and after the rain. "Keep eyes open and be prudent, expect the unexpected."

Klucker said people are welcome to report pothole locations on the county's website at

Santa Barbara City also has a pothole hotline where people can leave a message about potholes in need of repair.

The city of Oxnard allows drivers to report potholes on its Oxnard 311 App.

San Luis Obispo County's website includes road work requests.

Most communities have simple ways to report problems.

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