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Santa Barbara - South County

Look for the Helpers: Local business gives away gift cards to community

Local insurance business helps other businesses by providing gift cards to community members during pandemic.
Alys Martinez / Newschannel 3

As our area is faced with ongoing changes due to a growing pandemic, we are bringing stories of people doing good in the community during a time of uncertainty.

Help us look for the helpers!

Gift Cards for Good Cause

A local insurance business is helping its community members by giving back to local businesses.

Israel Riley Ramirez and Antonella Ramirez own the Farmers Insurance Agency branch on upper State Street in Santa Barbara.

When the second stay-at-home order began, they knew local businesses were going to be hit hard.

To show their support, the couple bought over 70 gift cards from six different local businesses.

The gift cards range from $5 to $25.

They hope to spread holiday cheer by doing this, especially during this tough time.

"Santa Barbara is a pretty special community. We've been through a tough times with fires and mudslides and we'll get through this. just one day at a time and do what we can as a community." said Israel.

The gift cards are available at their office to anyone who would like one.

They hope that by using these gift cards, people can write good reviews on Yelp and help local businesses during the pandemic.

Anyone who is interested, should go to Farmers Insurance on the 4100 block of State Street in Santa Barbara.

Know of any other helpers making a difference during these trying times? Send Alys an email and let her know!

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