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Santa Barbara - South County

Multicolored home in Santa Barbara brings bright joy during pandemic

Santa Barbara artist's multi-colored home brings color to many during pandemic.
Multi-colored home bright colors during pandemic Helpers
Jane Gottlieb

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- A multicolored home is bringing color to many during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The brightly colored home belongs to artist Jane Gottlieb.

The home is located in the foothills of Santa Barbara.

Gottlieb says she bought it decades ago when it was just a basic brown and beige home.

Gottlieb began to paint the home different colors. She said she "never looked back" to the brown and beige beginning.

Currently the walls of the home are covered in blue, green, yellow, red, purple and pink.

These colors are alike in her own vibrant artwork.

The inside of the home is just as bold as the outside. There are colors everywhere you look with bright furniture to match.

Gottlieb's art has been featured all over the world but her home is her masterpiece.

Gottlieb says she believed everyone should add a little color to their life, especially during the pandemic.

"I always tell people paint one wall your favorite color. Find the wall where you get the most bang for your buck, around the fireplace, the door or the windows sills," says Gottlieb, "You see how much it will impact your life just one color."

Gottlieb repaints the walls every few years because the color fades due to the sun.

Gottlieb says it is all worth it. She says everyone who walks by or visits her home can't help but smile.

"Adding color is one of the best things to do in the pandemic in your home where you're stuck wherever you are. It will make you feel energized and happy," says Gottlieb.

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