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San Luis Obispo County

SLO Sheriff’s deputies wrangle up runaway mini pony

A mini pony was captured by sheriff's deputies.
San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office
A mini pony was captured by sheriff's deputies.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's deputies respond to a number of different calls for service. From traffic stops to crowd control, they are saddled with a lot of responsibility.

Now a handful of deputies can add "pony wrangler" to their list of duties.

The sheriff's office shared photos on social media Friday as deputies successfully corralled a runaway mini pony.

The amateur escape artist channeled its inner Bonnie and Clydesdale and took to the open road. That's when the deputies from the sheriff's south station were called in.

In the photos shared by the sheriff's office, one of the deputies in seen leading the fugitive foal to safety. It's unclear if the deputy lassoed the pony himself or if the animal simply got tired of horsing around and surrendered.

The animal might have short legs, but it clearly didn't lack in Spirit. It's unclear if the pony had been planning its escape for some time or if it was a spur of the moment decision.

Is that too many horse puns for one story? We say, neigh.

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