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Crime in Oxnard is down for the fourth year in a row

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OXNARD, Calif. - The Oxnard Police Department has reported a drop in crime statistics from 2018 to 2019, specifically, a 14.9% drop.

OPD gets their statistics from The Department of Justice's Uniformed Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. It collects crime statistics from 17,000 law enforcement agencies throughout the country. OPD has been using the program for over 50 years.

The statistics are broken up into 8 different types, and then further divided into two categories, Violent Crimes and Property Crimes.

Here's a look at the overall data from 2019 in comparison to the previous year:

Part I Crime (YTD)20182019% Change# Difference
Violent Crimes
Homicide 14 14 0.0% 0
Rape 66 63-4.5% -3
Robbery 327 275 -15.9% -52
Aggravated Assault 394 374 -5.1% -20
Total: 801726-9.4%-75
Property Crimes
Burglary 704 670-4.8%-34
Motor Vehicle Theft 738585-23.5%-198
Larceny (Theft) 3,568 2,987 -16.3% -581
Arson 41 48 17.1% 17.1%
Total 5,096 4,290 -15.8% -806
Grand Total: 5,897 5,016 -14.94% -881

Per the table above, violent crimes in the city have fallen by 9.4%. The Oxnard Police Department attributes the decline to the reduction of robberies, having 52 less than the previous year.

The department's investigative staff was able to address robbery crime trends and investigate repeat offenders.

OPD attributes the drop in larceny to their prevention efforts.

Motor Vehicle Theft has historically been a problem. OPD attributes the drop in car theft to the Oxnard Police Auto Theft Task Force.

The Chief of Police said the department is smart and quick with their efforts, " We work very hard to reduce crime and make our city safer... We focus on violent offenders and frequent offenders. We respond quickly to crime trends and we rely on the trust and respect we have established within our neighborhoods to work closely with our residents.”

Below is the full 2019 UCR report:

Crime / Ventura County

Sarah Maugaotega

Sarah Maugaotega is a producer at KEYT|KCOY|KKFX.

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