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Dia de Los Muertos events at the Museum of Natural History

Dia de Los Muertos Natural history Museum
John Palminteri/KEYT
A Dia de Los Muertos event is celebrated all weekend at the Museum of Natural History (John Palminteri/KEYT)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) weekend of events has added a community  participation to the special time at the Santa Barbara Museum Natural History.

The ofrenda or altar to remember those who have passed before us, has been created by the staff with an opportunity for guests to add their own touch through artistic work on the spot.

Food is a component as well.  There are bowls of fruit, bread, and wine in the display.  The layout has a design with various beans, rice and red chilis.

Photos on display represent scientists who have passed and did not get their full acclaim or honors during their lifetime.  Information on each one is printed on site for visitors to read.

The museum will have activities that include a pop up shop of gifts, art and holiday crafts on Saturday and Sunday as part of the celebration.

Decorations throughout the property are in line with the theme.   That includes many traditional and fragrant marigold flowers,  said to bring butterflies along with  spirits of the deceased to the area.

For more information go to: Museum of Natural History

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John Palminteri

John Palminteri is senior reporter for KEYT NewsChannel 3 and KCOY 12 Central Coast News.