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Peaceful protesters sit across from San Luis Obispo police station

BLM protest
KEYT/Anikka Abbott

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Protesters took to the streets in downtown San Luis Obispo, one night after a protest ended in arrests.

Black Lives Matter protesters marched peacefully, single file and following all traffic laws, from the San Luis Obispo courthouse to the police station Wednesday evening.

"I want to see the tides turn so that all of our voices are heard," said Artemisia Layeni Shine, a protester. "If all of us aren't at the table, everybody loses out."

Protesters alternated between sitting and standing on Santa Rosa Street, across from the station.

Many passers by honked in support, and some antagonized. The protesters did not engage and remained silent. In past protests, participants engaged in singing and chanting.

"What frustrates me the most, it's not the people giving me the middle finger," said Kevin Foote. It's "the people who look confused." He said it's important that all people do their research on anti-racism and the history of racism.

Protesters said they are looking for change on both a national and local level.

"I believe in defunding the police. I'm not saying abolish the police," said Foote. "I'm saying, like any budget, you've got to think about where the dollars go."

His sentiment was echoed by several other protesters.

"I want to see a 911 where you don't get the police, but you get a team of community activists and healthcare workers and mental health professionals," said Shine.

Protesters said they will continue to march until there is lasting change.

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Anikka Abbott

Anikka Abbott is a reporter for KEYT | KCOY | KKFX.


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