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Zoë Carter

Zoë Carter
California Assembly, 30th District Candidate: Zoë Carter
Candidate NameZoë Carter
Position SoughtCalifornia Assembly, 30th District
Website / Social
Facebook: Electzoe
Instagram: @electzoe
Why are you running for office?To bring a new voice and new leadership to the Central Coast and ensure we have a sustainable future. We need to focus on our district’s core needs and produce results, not talking points.
What makes you qualified for the job?From the Policy Office of First Lady Michelle Obama to serving as Director of Operations for the Monterey Buisness Council, my experience has prepared me to serve my community.
What are your two main priorities if you win?Infrastructure/Roads & supporting our local small business affected by.
How will you collaborate with other governments? By proactively reaching out and working on shared areas of concern or opportunity.
What are the next two issues that are most important to you?Health Care access and climate change/protecting our coastline.
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