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Stoker to face Hart in November General Election for 37th Assembly District seat

California Assembly – District 37 candidate: Mike Stoker
California Assembly – District 37 candidate: Gregg Hart

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Current Santa Barbara County Supervisor Gregg Hart and former County Supervisor Mike Stoker are hoping to win the 37th Assembly District seat in the November General Election.

“I operated a small business for 20 years but have a deep connection to our community, and I really want to take the experience that I’ve learned at the local level – the connections with our neighbors – and bring that to Sacramento and influence the policy decisions that are being made in the state capital that affect all of us," said Hart.

“I thought I was not going to ever run again, but I’m running one more time because California is worth fighting for. We’re not headed in the right direction and that’s why I threw my hat into the ring for a lot of folks that said 'Mike we need you to run and go to Sacramento to help fight for common sense and turn the state around and get it back on the right track,'" said Stoker.

Hart wants to help the community suffering from what he describes as a “changing economy."

"It’s really important in these moments – potentially we're headed into a recession for government – to be prudent and smart, continue to invest in the things that grow the economy which are high-quality education at that elementary and secondary level. We need to train the workforce to be prepared to take on the jobs of the future and then helping people," said Hart.

Stoker wants to address homelessness by making mental health a priority.

“We need mental health clinics to be reestablished ... a big mistake Governor Reagan made was when he closed down the mental health hospitals to deal with homeless issues. You gotta deal with mental health but the big distinction between me and my opponent is we need to have a fighter that’s going to support law-enforcement," said Stoker.

Hart said he's proud to contribute to a growing community.

“Santa Barbara County is not an accidental place … it’s an intentional place ... people come here and stay here because they really love it and they invest in the community and generations of Santa Barbarans have been doing that to create this place we call home, and I want to add my support to that effort. I want to add my voice and contributions because I really want my son to have a quality place to live for him and his kids like i have," said Hart.

Stoker believes in supporting law enforcement, parents, small business owners and tax payers.

"I’m going to be fighting for energy policies that give us more energy ... and we won’t have the blackouts and will be lowering gas prices at the pump – more water policies that will make water more readily available to all California residents," said Stoker.

If elected, both candidates say they'll fight for the community.

"So going to Sacramento I would like to tell our story here at the local level to my colleagues in Sacramento … and make sure they understand there is a solution to affordable housing projects but it requires state resources direct to local governments to make a difference … and then improve homelessness in the economy by providing employees for the jobs we need and it really is the glue that we need to get California back on track," said Hart.

“So I’m going to be an advocate for somebody that again will fight to make sure law-enforcement is represented in Sacramento, parents are represented in Sacramento, small business owners are represented in Sacramento, and taxpayers are represented in Sacramento. I’ll have their back – my opponent will not have their back and voted against all of them every time he has an opportunity too,” said Stoker.

The General Election is November 8.

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