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Casa Sirena Hotel demolition to begin next week in Ventura County

Ventura County Harbor Department

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. -- A Channel Island Harbor hotel will be torn down next week in Ventura County.

The Casa Sirena was built in 1972 and had 197 rooms. Since then, it has became vacant and has been a place where the homeless community goes to take shelter.

The demolition will be the first step in a multi-year construction process to revamp the entire south end of the Harbor’s peninsula.

The property will be the new Hyatt House Hotel. The new hotel will have 210 rooms in a 55-foot structure and will be around 203,000 square feet along the Channel Islands Harbor waterfront.

"This is great news for the Harbor and I’m glad a new chapter is being written for this location,” said Michael Tripp, the Harbor Department Director. “I’m confident the demolition and development of a new hotel will reinvigorate the Harbor along with residents, visitors, and local businesses.” 

Tripp says the department has been prepping month-long for the demolition by removing hazards, communicating with nearby Harbor residents, connecting homeless individuals with services and other mitigation measure.

“I would like to thank the City of Oxnard, County of Ventura agencies, and the non-profit organizations who partnered to connect homeless individuals who were near the demolition site with much needed services,” Tripp said. “This was an important step in moving the demolition process forward.” 

A chain link fence has been placed around the perimeter of the hotel property.

The demolition process will take six months from start to finish.

After the Casa Sirena is torn down, the Harbor Department will repair the riprap surrounding the south end of the peninsula.

The demolition will be led by Brighton Management, a property management company.

Julia Nguyen

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