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Ventura County

Homeless man steals more than 45 bikes in Ventura County

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VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. -- A homeless man was arrested for allegedly stealing more than 45 bikes in Ventura County on Wednesday.

Ventura police say there have been more than 45 bikes stolen throughout Ventura.

On Wednesday, Ventura police along with the Street Crimes Unit conducted a crime suppression theft sting at two Ventura locations.

Officers left some bikes unattended in shopping areas while they surveilled the bikes.

In one of the locations on the 4700 block of Telephone Road, police saw one man approaching the bike and then took it and rode away.

Officers were able to stop the man and arrest him.

Police found out that the man was a vagrant and had several outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Police booked him into Ventura County Jail.

A review of the Ventura County Superior Court website shows that he has been arrested for drunk in public, under the influence of a controlled substance, petty theft and resisting arrest. 

The Ventura Police Department wants to remind everyone not to leave their bikes unattended, even for a short time, without locking them.

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