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Ventura County

Ventura County orders vulnerable residents to shelter in homes, bars and restaurants to face additional restrictions


VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - The Ventura County Public Health Officer has ordered sweeping restrictions on individuals who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus and many local businesses.

Residents 75 years or older have been ordered to stay in their homes until at least April 1. The order also includes anyone 70 or older who have other medical conditions.

In addition to restrictions for residents, major restrictions have been announced for restaurants, bars, and public gathering spaces.

The County has ordered that all permanent food facilities switch to carryout, delivery or drive-through only. No sit-down meals will be allowed. Restaurants that offer pickup services must keep customers at least six feet apart.

Bars and nightclubs that offer food may remain open to serve food under these same restrictions. Alcohol sales on site are prohibited.

Any bars, wineries, nightclubs or breweries that do not serve food must close, per the order.

In addition to the bars and wineries, large gathering places including movie theaters, bowling alleys, concert venues, gyms, and arcades will need to close beginning on Wednesday.

These restrictions will remain in place through April.

Violation of any of these orders is considered a threat to public health and may result in misdemeanor charges and fines, according to Ventura County.

The Ventura County Public Health Officer will decide whether or not to extend this order or end the order sooner than originally planned.

Six new cases of COVID-19 in Ventura County have been reported in the last 48 hours, resulting in an increased response from the County.

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  1. Can you cite your source. I can’t find any documentation on this for Ventura county.

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