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$5.8 million road paving project begins in Goleta

City of Goleta

GOLETA, Calif. -- Paving construction is underway for the roadways in Goleta on Wednesday.

The City's $5.8 million roadway paving project will cover around 8.6 miles of roadways throughout the City of Goleta.

The roadway segments include Cathedral Oaks Road, Glenn Annie Road, Calle Real, Hollister Avenue and Kellogg Avenue.

The initial work includes constructing new concrete access ramps and associated sidewalks in preparation for the upcoming roadway paving.

The project will also continue to fix potholes, repair and maintain local streets and roads along improve traffic flow and safety.

The paving work is planned to begin in January 2022 after all the concrete and prep work is complete.

City of Goleta Public Works Director Charlie Ebeling said, “Public Works received highly competitive bids for construction that will cover more miles of road improvements than originally expected. We are very fortunate to have a City Council and community that supported taking advantage of such great bids. We are excited to now be able to start construction on this large paving project that will construct nearly $6 million worth of paving work on several major roadways throughout the City," said Public Works Director Charlie Ebeling.

The project is set to take around eight months to complete.

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Julia Nguyen

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