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Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary offering virtual meetings with animals

Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary
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Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary is offering unique animal packages to call into virtual meetings.

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. — At the Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary, times have been tough without visitors.

The nonprofit organization provides lifelong care for dozens of animals saved from neglect, slaughterhouses and factory farms.

"With COVID-19, we're not allowed to open our doors to the public right now or have any of our usual fundraising events,” Greener Pastures Farm Sanctuary executive director Diane Dieterich said

To raise money, Greener Pastures is partnering up with A To Zoo Education in Las Vegas to have its animals liven up virtual meetings.

People who are meeting on Zoom can have an animal of their choosing join in.

"We finally just realized that this would be a fun cute idea,” A To Zoo Education co-founder Anne Woods said.

"We thought this would be the best way to fundraise and raise money to care for the animals,” Dieterich said. “To share the animals and educate people about them."

Through these virtual interactions, people can feel as if they're inches away from the animals.

"It's a great distraction,” Dieterich said. “It's very entertaining for kids and educational."

Greener Pastures is offering different animal packages to call into online classrooms, business meetings, happy hours, birthday parties or even to take a tour of the farm.

The nonprofit has a camel, mini donkeys, potbelly pigs, kangaroo, owl monkey, miniature horses, goats, alpacas, lizards, cockatoo, chickens, ducks, boa, hedgehog, laughing kookaburra and much more.

"There's really some interest in the animals as well as bringing absolute enjoyment to everybody,” Woods said.

These virtual visits are allowing many to enjoy some interactions not available any other way.

"People who are not able to interact with other people or animals, we're going to bring some of that nature to them,” Woods concluded.

All the money raised from these calls will go directly towards helping support these rescue animal

Pricing starts at $65 and payment is tax-deductible. To schedule a conFURence call, you can visit their website.

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Blake DeVine

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