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Santa Barbara - South County

Uber test allows some Santa Barbara drivers to set their rates

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Uber is testing a new feature in Santa Barbara that allows its drivers to control their fares. The move is in response to the state's new gig-work law that went into effect this year.

The test is taking place at Santa Barbara, Sacramento and Palm Springs airports. Changes could still be made to the new Uber feature.

The test allows Uber drivers to charge up to five times the fare Uber sets.

“Since AB5 has gone into effect, we’ve made a number of product changes to preserve flexible work for tens of thousands of California driver," an Uber official said. "We’re now doing an initial test of additional changes which would give drivers more control over the rates they charge riders.”

Drivers at the three airports where the test is taking place can set a fare multiple on Uber's rates for UberX and UberXL trips. The fare multiple can be adjusted from 1.0 to 5.0.

Riders will be paired with drivers that are offering the lowest rate. Drivers who want to earn more per ride will likely have to wait wait longer for trips.

Uber's app will show them a time estimate of how long they'll likely have to wait before picking up a passenger.

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