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San Luis Obispo County

Cal Poly announces fall quarter plans

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Cal Poly has announced its plans for the fall quarter.

In an email sent out today, administrators say they expect campus to be close to normal, while still following safety guidelines.

Cal Poly says the vast majority of classes will be in-person, with adjustments for physical distancing.

They also plan to have campus housing at a near-normal capacity.

Administrators say this plan assumes that vaccines will be widely available by then.

Students will be required to present proof of vaccination or proof of negative tests twice per week in order to be on campus

The University also plans to accommodate students who cannot, or choose not, to attend class in person.

Right now, 10% of Cal Poly classes are on campus and 4,500 students are living in the dorms.


Cassie Amundson

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