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Port Hueneme police come up with creative way to help people physically distance at the beach

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Port Hueneme Police Department
Port Hueneme police installed physical distancing markers along Hueneme Beach to help visitors stay safe while enjoying the outdoors this holiday weekend.
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Port Hueneme Police Department
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Port Hueneme Police Department

PORT HUENEME, Calif. - The City of Port Hueneme Defense and Disaster Council has softened their restrictions at Hueneme Beach based on the most recent COVID-19 information released by Public Health officials.

To help balance out the increasing activity at the beach, especially this Memorial Day Weekend, police have set up Social Distancing Markers in the sand to show people where they can sit to maintain proper physical distancing.

Police said these markers were placed out at a trial, but if successful, may be used throughout the summer.

They are asking beachgoers to use the markers if they decide to stop and sit at the beach for the day.

One family is enjoying a stay at the beach near a physical distancing marker.

“We have been trying to find a way which will allow beachgoers to stay at the beach for extended periods of time while maintaining social distancing, I believe we have found our answer," said Chief Salinas. "While this may not be the perfect solution, we understand the need to be outdoors and especially at the beach. This is just another pathway back to normal life.”

Hueneme police want to remind the community that their ability to abide by physical distancing guidelines while at the beach will play a part in the City's decision to keep the beach open.

Current beach restrictions still include gathering in large groups with people outside of your household, physical activities that involve any type of contact such as football, soccer, and volleyball. Hueneme Beach pier, picnic tables, barbecues and playground equipment are also still off limits.

Police said the main beach parking lot has been reopened along with the beach restrooms. However, officers said street parking is still not allowed to help prevent people from just hanging out in large groups at their cars.

The lack of street parking also allows more space for bikes and walkers to physically distance while on the walkways or bicycle paths.

In the comments on their Facebook post, the police department said they are prepared to also open Parking Lot B if the main parking lot becomes overly congested in order to prevent people from violating the street parking rule.

Fortunately, police said street parking will be allowed in the next phase of reopening.

Port Hueneme Lifeguards will be on-duty this Memorial Day weekend.

For more information on Port Hueneme's response to COVID-19, visit their website

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