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Fall skin care tips as the weather starts to change

Tips from Dermatologist Dr. Anne Truitt

  • Use a nonfoaming, cream or oil-based cleanser: It’s time to put your foaming facial cleanser at the back of your bathroom cabinet. These cleansers tend to have a more stripping quality, which isn’t what you want when your skin is already dry from the lack of moisture in the air.
  • Switch from a thin lotion to a thicker moisturizing cream: Moisturizing your skin during the winter months is a vital part of your fall & winter skin care routine. 
  • Try a sleeping mask before bed: Sleeping masks operate in a similar fashion to a regular moisturizer or hydrating serum, but they’re specifically designed to be kept on all night while you sleep (for about six to eight hours). During the night, as you get some good shut-eye in, your skin is busy at work repairing itself from the trials of the day.
  • Exfoliate in the morning: Though over-exfoliating can exacerbate skin irritation, moderate exfoliation can be useful in sloughing off the buildup of dried skin cells from the surface of your skin. 
  • Sunscreen: A lot of people have the misconception that cooler tempos and cloudy days means no longer having to apply sunscreen. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!
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