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Residents react to arrests made in Kristin Smart case

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - People from all over the Central Coast gathered near Ruben Flores's home Tuesday watching as detectives investigated the area for the second time in just under a month.

"I’m extremely relieved. I feel bad for Kristin smart's family that have lived on the edge for 25 years," said San Luis Obispo County resident Carmen Green.

Some have been following the Kristin Smart case since she first disappeared in 1996.

"I feel like this is history to be made. So we wanted to come out here because we’ve been growing up hearing about all of this. So like we have to see it for ourselves. And even if there’s nothing to see I mean it’s just cool to see some developments," said Arroyo Grande resident Natasha Serrano.

People who showed up throughout the morning and afternoon shared their theories on what might have happened more than two decades ago.

"Just wanted to see what was going on, my thoughts and feelings are that all of the kid's friends knew that he was the type that would’ve killed the girl," said San Luis Obispo County resident Steve Green.

Some decided to visit the house for the first time.

"I had so many people messaging me and I was like oh my gosh and you know I have never been up here so Jenelle was like hey let’s go for a drive do you wanna go with and I was like sure you know and to just see what’s going on and it’s crazy it’s about time," said Arroyo Grande resident Krista Bandy.

People continued visiting the home throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

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