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Salzer’s Video in Ventura prepares to close while Salzer’s Records stays open

Salzer's Video store to close while Salzer's Record store stays open
Tracy Lehr / KEYT

VENTURA, Calif. - Valentine Road in Ventura has been home to Salzer's for decades.

There is Salzer's Video on one side of Victoria Avenue and Salzer's Records on the other side.

But the video store that has lasted longer than others across the country is now liquidating.

Jim Salzer passed away in March of 2020 and his family took over running the stores.

His son Brandon dropped off more videos to sell for $5 each on Saturday.

Items will be discounted even more next week.

The Salzer family wants to thank all of their longtime customers.

"Thank you to all our customers, we held out as long as we could. It is what it is, as much as I hate that expression."

He hopes people will continue to shop at Salzer's Records.

"The record store is doing very well, though remember to shop local and to support independent retail, and we really help design what our retail landscape looks like by where we spend our dollars."

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