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Super Duper Kyle kicks off Concerts In Your Car

Super Duper Kyle set to perform at Concerts In Your Car
Super Duper Kyle set to perform at Concerts In Your Car
Super Duper Kyle set to perform at Concerts In Your Car
Super Duper Kyle set to perform at Concerts In Your Car

VENTURA, Calif. -- Live entertainment is back in Ventura County starting Friday night and all summer long with “Concerts In Your Car.”

Music, fun and entertainment is back in Ventura County.

“This is way better than we expected,” said Vincenzo Giammanco, who is the CEO of CBF Productions. “I get goosebumps just thinking about it because it is so awesome.”

The new summer event is known as “Concerts In Your Car”. Ventura’s own CBF Production partnered up with Downtown Ventura and created an entertainment venue "from the comfort of your own vehicle". The goal is to keep people safe, while still enjoying live entertainment. Something that hasn’t been done before.

“This is by far the first one,” said Giammanco. “There has been some other ones that have done some pop ups but nothing at this level. We are unique because we have the stage in the center and we park cars 360 degrees around it. And really there is not a bad seat in the house.”

Friday night will kickoff a summer series that will last until the end of August. First up on stage is Ventura native superstar Super Duper Kyle in a concert to honor the class of 2020.

“We have a lot of graduates coming tonight,” said Giammanco. “I mean they had their year rob from them. And we just want to be a bright point for them. Ticket sales are great. We are going to have close to 500 cars tonight for the Kyle show. We have movies in the car kicking off next week. We have the Garth Brooks show that is almost sold out. We just announced Randy Houser and then Third Eye Blind.”

And it’s not just concerts and movies, theater performances will hit the stage this summer providing something for almost everyone. People will be encouraged to stay in their cars, but if they leave or get out of the vehicle they must wear a face covering.

“We are just so happy because this is our hometown and we are working with the Fairgrounds, and the businesses downtown, it is all connected and people are traveling all over the country to check this out,” said Giammanco. “So we are very excited to help boost the local economy.”

The event will give people a safe place to feel a little sense of normalcy again.

To get tickets, click here.

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Senerey de los Santos

Senerey de los Santos is a multimedia journalist for KEYT | KCOY | KKFX covering primarily Ventura County.