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Lompoc Valley Medical Center staff experiencing increase in hospitalization due to COVID

LOMPOC, Calif. – The number of COVID patients has tripled at Lompoc Valley Medical Center. 

“We went from the 3, 4 and 5 patients that we had in house towards the end of December,” said Lompoc Valley Medical Center’s Chief Operations Officer Naishadh Buch. “Today, we have 17.”

Four of those patients are in the intensive care unit, three are on ventilators. 

“All the 4, none are fully vaccinated,” said Lompoc Valley Medical Center’s Chief Nursing Officer Yvette Cope.

Some of those caring for patients are also sick, leading to fewer people able to work at the hospital.

In lompoc that means all hands on deck, with managers stepping in to help cover.

“Today is the first day, I am not in scrubs,” said Cope. “We did have enough staffing today. But I'll be covering house supervisors, and I'll cover for breaks.”

Doctors say they have enough staff to treat people, for now.

“People are managing but working extra shifts and all that sort of thing,” said Dr. Buch. “On the nursing floors, where this is a ratio requirement. Again, the nursing staff are managing to stay within the ratios as one would expect.”

Lompoc hospital visits are now limited.

One promising sign is an increase in vaccine appointments. 

Most of them for people getting their booster shot. 

“Please use the MyTurn app system that the state of california has set up,” said Dr. Buch.

To make an appointment, click here. 

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Karen Cruz-Orduña

Karen Cruz-Orduña is a reporter for News Channel 3-12. To learn more about Karen, click here.

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