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Marian Regional Medical Center: Doctors encourage youths to get COVID-19 vaccine

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - While we know the risk of severe COVID-19 illness and hospitalization is largely driven by age, Dr. Scott Robertson at Marian Regional Medical Center believes it's important for young people to consider getting vaccinated.

"What’s important about younger people getting the vaccine is this is where the virus really resides out in the community, and the more amount of virus that’s out in the community, the more opportunity it has to mutate into new variants," said Dr. Scott Robertson at Marian Regional Medical Center.

"I’m 21 years old so if I did get COVID-19, I’ll probably end up being okay, but since I do live with my family, and my parents at home, I thought it would just be better to get it," said Natasha Serrano who just got vaccinated.

Robertson said while young people may be at lower risk, getting vaccinated will reduce the prevalence of the virus.

“So encouraging younger people to get vaccinated, this is going to reduce the prevalence of the virus and decrease the chance of further mutations," said Robertson.

In addition, doctors say it’s important to understand, even if you’re young, you can still have health complications caused by the virus.

Currently anyone over age 16 is eligible to get the covid 19 vaccine in the state of California.

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